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2012 Australian Grand Prix

2012 Australian Grand Prix

The 2012 Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix takes place on Sunday March 18, 2012 in what is set to be a bumper event in Melbourne. Markets will open soon at the best bookie for – – and it will be…

Lewis Hamilton Hot Favourite For 2010 Italian Grand Prix Victory

Lewis Hamilton Hot Favourite For 2010 Italian Grand Prix Victory

The 2010 F1 World Championship Series heads into round 14 this weekend, as the Autodromo di Monza comes to life as the 2010 Italian Grand Prix goes ahead. Lewis Hamilton is the hot favourite to claim the win at $2.62…

Lewis Hamilton Wins The 2010 Belgian Grand Prix Ahead Of Webber

Lewis Hamilton Wins The 2010 Belgian Grand Prix Ahead Of Webber

In a thrilling twist to the 2010 F1 World Championship Series tale, the 13th round of the season saw Lewis Hamilton claim what was a crucial win in the 2010 Belgian Grand Prix. The victory saw Hamilton reclaim his spot…

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One of the most lucrative, challenging and political sports in the world is Formula One, also known as F1 motor racing. Boasting the most elite international drivers, constructors and manufacturers, the Formula One World Championship is a highly anticipated event to take place every year. The name Formula One proves the absolute class that this feature consists of, as in regards to motor racing, formula refers to the structure of the car– a single-seater which has open wheels. Therefore Formula One implies this is the most elite category of formula racing there can be.

One aspect of the F1 which makes it so unique is not only the unquestionable rivalry between the drivers, but also between the cars, and features as a major trait of the sport. The cars which race in the Formula One are exceptionally fast, reaching speeds up to 360km/h, and a winning performance depends on good aerodynamics, brakes, suspension and of course driver ability and fitness.

Formula One World Championship Season

The Formula One World Championship Season is formed through a series of motor races called Grand Prixs. These Grand Prixs, which normally take place over a weekend, are held at various locations around the world and change from year-to-year. Starting on the Friday with two practice sessions and one on the Saturday, an intricate qualifying session is held to determine the starting order for the race, after the final practice.

The qualifying structure as we see it today was brought in for the 2006 championship and is known as a knock-out system. It is split into three rounds where all drivers run laps in order to advance to the next, at the end of the first round the slowest drivers are eliminated, with the same happening in the second round. In the third round the top ten rider’s race for the top ten starting positions in the grid. The number of drivers removed from each round depends on the number that starts, and is worked out so there are always ten drivers only who race in the third round.

Before the race actually begins the drivers have a practice lap to warm up and get a feel for the track and their car. Each F1 race is made up of a different number of laps depending on the circuit; however the winner is always decided in the same manner – and is the first to cross the finishing line after completing the designated distance. The races have a time limit of two hours, with drivers normally making around one to three pit stops in order to change tyres or for other issues they may have. At the end of the race, a certain number of points are given out to the top ten:

Position Points
1 25
2 18
3 15
4 12
5 10
6 8
7 6
8 4
9 2
10 1

At the end of the season, after the grand prixs have all been completed, the number of points accrued are tallied up and two World Champion’s are found; a driver and a constructor.

Due to the nature of the F1, where drivers can swap teams or two teams’ cars may finish in the top ten and therefore give the constructor two sets of points, the Drivers and the Constructors Champions are often different.

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