Located just east of Istanbul, the captital of Turkey, is home of the Turkish Grand Prix – Istanbul Park. Regarded by some as the best motor racing track in the world, the track was first used for the Turkish Grand Prix in August 2005, and has since been an anticipated meet on the F1 calendar.

Only one of four circuits in the F1 World Championship Series’ history to be run anticlockwise, Istanbul Park was designed by well respected German designer Hermann Tilke, and is 5.338 kilometres long. The circuit has an average width of 15 metres, and has a total of 14 corners, spanning four different ground levels.

The track has become regarded for its fast and sweeping turn eight – which has four apexes. Many drivers have spun off the circuit at turn eight, most notably in the inaugural meet in 2005. Another feature of Istanbul Park is its two long straights where the cars hit over 330 km/h.

Istanbul’s main grandstand can seat 25,000 viewers, and also offers spectators temporary stand for over 155,000 people.

Felipe Massa owns the record for the most number of Turkish Grand Prix’s won, with three to his name, while Ferrari has won the constructor’s division three times as well – the most wins in the category.

The 2010 F1 World Championship Season

Grand Prix Name: Turkish Grand Prix

Race Date: 28th May – 30th May 2010

Round Number: Seven

Number Of Laps: 58